Little Indian Weaver

Little Indian Weaver

Children of All Lands Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1928, Item: 37088
Library Binding, 134 pages
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This is an appealing story of a little Navajo Indian girl, Bah, and a little freckle-faced white boy, Billy, who helped Bah find an ear of corn which she made into a doll. The doll was unfortunately devoured by a big hungry sheep, causing great grief to the Little Indian maiden. But the sad end of the doll led eventually to the owning of a real papoose doll—and also caused Billy to write a story of Navajo Indians which, submitted in a magazine story contest, won Billy the prize—a wonderful radio. This he generously gave to Bah because she had furnished him so much information for his story.

The story is told in a simple, delightful and charming manner that will capture the heart of a child. Reproductions of photographs taken by the author, illustrate the story.

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