Two Boys of the Ohio Valley

Two Boys of the Ohio Valley

Children of America Stories
by Margaret Sutton
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1943, Item: 82759
Hardcover, 191 pages
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When Denny of West Virginia, the pastor's boy, decides to make a burro flowerpot for his father's birthday he has no idea what adventures await him.

There are troubles, too. And they pile up thick and fast when "Aunt Mattie"—a well-meaning member of Pastor Greer's parish, but stern and forbidding—comes to look after the motherless children in the parsonage. To add to this complication, Denny accidentally drops his father's present in the river and it is carried away by the current. Building a rude raft, He decides to go in search of the lost donkey.

But it is Charles of Kentucky who finds the birthday present and endeavors to return it. How the two boys become better acquainted with the Ohio Valley, how they finally meet and straighten out Denny's difficulties, makes a fascinating story that will give children a real appreciation of the great wealth and beauty of this section of our country.

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