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Gift Certificate Redemption:

If you're trying to redeem a gift certificate, please understand that it is a payment method, NOT a discount code, so you can use it on the same screen you'd normally enter your credit card info. That's step 4 of 4 in our checkout system.

Recurring Subscription Charges:

We do NOT charge recurring fees. If you are getting recurring fees to your card labeled "Exodus Books", you have probably purchased the title The Exodus Effect (a title we do not offer) and are being billed for a "Prayer Warrior Network" subscription. We believe this is a fraudulent charge (see why) and charged by one of three websites: or . Please contact them to resolve this issue.

Publisher Questions:

Exodus Books is not a publisher and cannot accept manuscripts or forward letters to authors.

Product Samples:

We are unable to provide physical product samples. Please look for digital samples throughout the site!

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