Shepherd Boy of Australia

Shepherd Boy of Australia

Children of All Lands Stories
by Margaret Sutton
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1943, Item: 37090
Hardcover, 191 pages
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When little Nancy and her father came from America to take over the sheep station that Billee's father managed, many complications arose. Complications made more involved by Billee's angry determination to do what seemed almost impossible—makes these unwelcome strangers not like Australia and so go home where Billee thought they belonged.

But Billee's careful plans collapsed one by one as he showed Nancy the wonders of fascinating Australia. Nancy's eager interest and enthusiasm, as well as their exciting adventures together, made Billee change his mind at last—when matters were arranged to the eminent satisfaction of all.

Here is a delightful story—and an exciting picture of a country in so many ways like our own; yet different enough, with its strange animals and vegetation, its tropical heat in the north and its snow and ice in the south, to completely captivate the imagination—for there is a kinship between ourselves and this wonderful land "down under."

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