Little John of New England

Little John of New England

Children of America Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1936, Item: 82748
Hardcover, 134 pages
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John's parents, motoring through New England, wrote him each week describing in glowing words the wonders they saw—the rich variety of scenic beauty, the many spots steeped in memories and tradition, the great throbbing centers of manufacture and trade, the quaint charm that is the spirit of the villages dotting the New England countryside.

But John was even more interested in the mysterious old man who followed his parents during the whole trip and who turned up at the oddest moments. He was also worried, for he himself had, in a chance meeting, confided in the man about a hidden treasure. The mystery of the treasure and old "C. F." provide John—and the reader—with a delightful thrill of suspense until the very end.

Here is fascinating New England today and yesterday, and a story of the kind that has made Mrs. Brandeis' books as popular with children, as with parents careful of their children's reading.

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