Little Anne of Canada

Little Anne of Canada

Children of All Lands Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1931, Item: 82753
Hardcover, 173 pages
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A fascinating tale of the great Canadian woods. A story for children about a little girl who lived and had adventures in that vast country that lies above the northern boundaries of the United States: Canada.

When Little Anne was a tiny baby her mother died. Her Scotch father left her with a French family in Quebec while he went to work in the great lumber camps of Western Canada. He did not return for six years. Little Anne had been taught to speak French only. Her father could speak English only. Their delightful meeting, and Anne's subsequent adventures in an eastern Canadian lumber camp, the interesting glimpses into Canadian life and scenery will charm the world of young readers. For the story of Little Anne is packed with the interest and excitement of life in a new and strange country.

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