Little Rose of the Mesa

Little Rose of the Mesa

Children of America Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1928, Item: 82746
Hardcover, 134 pages
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Little Rose loves the bright, sunlit mesa country where she lives and she spends most of her time riding her fat little pony, "Roly"; but she loves best of all to listen to the fascinating tales of the neighboring country, told her by the "digging-man"—an archaeologist searching for signs of ancient civilization.

He tells her stories of adventure and stories of the marvels of nature in her own New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. She hears about the Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde, the Puye Cliffs, the Carlsbad Caverns, Pike's Peak, the Grand Canyon, and many, many wonders of nature that have brought tourists from all over the world to this fascinating section of our country.

And through it all is the story of Little Rose's own great adventure when her friend entrusts her with one of his precious findings.

This is a colorful story about a delightful little girl and five colorful states.

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