Little Pepito of Central America

Little Pepito of Central America

Children of All Lands Stories
by Gladys Shaw Erskine
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1941, Item: 82743
Hardcover, 190 pages
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Pepito lived so far out in the country he was sure nothing exciting would ever hap- pen to him. But it did, for one day a rich Señor from the great city of San José came along and took Pepito (and his pet monkey, Titi) to the city to live. Just being in the capital of his country was almost exciting enough, but in addition Pepito fell into one adventure after another.

There was the fight he got into to pro- tect Tica, the little dancing beggar; the visitors from the United States who took him on wonderful trips; Barto, the wicked boy who stole and then blamed his stealing on Pepito. And there were the friendly children of the rich Señor who taught him to read and write as well as many other fascinating things.

Vividly the author gives the reader, through the story of this engaging little Costa Rican, a richly colorful picture of the five republics of Central America.

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