Little Erik of Sweden

Little Erik of Sweden

Children of All Lands Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1938, Item: 82754
Hardcover, 173 pages
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Little Erik was a happy boy who loved to skate, to ski and, most of all, to sing. He adored his big brother Nils and, almost as much, he adored Greta, the lovely daughter of the widow who owned the estate of Hanssonborg on which his family lived. Of course Nils and Greta would marry some day. To Erik anything else was unthinkable. However, the estate was sadly in need of money and when a rich Baron asked for Greta's hand in marriage, Fru Hansson did not see how she could withhold her consent.

Erik would not consent however, and the story of how he frightened the Baron, made a trip to Stockholm to obtain money for the estate and, finally, how he brought happiness to Nils and Greta makes an absorbing tale.

Equally absorbing is the story of the trip Erik took with the Stockholm banker and his family. They went to the ancient city of Visby, to the lovely farm lands of Skane, to Gothenburg and through the famous Gota Canal, to the University City of Upsala, and everywhere they saw wonderful sights and learned much about their fascinating native land.

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