Carmen of the Golden Coast

Carmen of the Golden Coast

Children of America Stories
by Madeline Brandeis
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1935, Item: 82747
Hardcover, 134 pages
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Set on the West coast of the United States, this story of two little girls, each of them living in different worlds, deftly combines fact and fiction to create an engrossing story. In Depression-era America, the Stevens family had to sell their home in Los Angeles and prepare to move in with Great Aunt Carmencita in Seattle. As Carmen is travelling with her parents towards Seattle, with stops all along the way—in San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, the redwood forest, Crater Lake, Portland and the Oregon coast—she reads the diary her great aunt kept in 1850 as a little girl when she and her family had to leave California because the Americans took their rancho from them.


Seen through the eyes of little Carmen of today, our magnificent Golden Coast is a vivid, thrilling Wonderland. From her home in Los Angeles this wide awake child, travelling by car with her parents, is entranced with the beauties of Tahoe, the Redwood forests, Yosemite, Crater Lake and towering Mount Hood,—and equally thrilled by the great, throbbing cities of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

And while she travels, she reads the diary her great-aunt had kept, making the same trip back in the days when that vast territory was "the Oregon Country" and people were pouring in from every section of the country in the mad rush for gold. Great-aunt Carmencita's adventures make exciting reading—and mischevious Juan and lazy Hipolito make the story of Yesterday as alive and real as Carmen's own adventure when she solves an old family mystery!

Just as in her "Children of All Lands Stories", Madeline Brandeis has cleverly interwoven fiction and fact to make a delightful book that will be read over and over again.

from the dust jacket


Illustrated with photographs. Green and white map endpapers. Bound in glossy white boards with a blue cloth spine and a full color illustration on the front (illustration is repeated on the dust jacket.) and printed throughout on good quality semi-glossy paper. Rear cover of the dust jacket lists the first 11 title in the Children of All Lands series, and the rear flap contains a blurb for Little Rose of the Mesa

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