Little Lauri of Finland

Little Lauri of Finland

Children of All Lands Stories
by Bernadine Bailey
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1939, Item: 82744
Hardcover, 190 pages
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Although Greta was very fond of all the animals on her father's farm, it was her dog Chouse that she loved the best.  It was Chouse who saved her kittens, who discovered the little forest fire that might have grown into a big one, and who heroically fought a snake to save Greta from harm.  And it was Chouse who accompanied her to Copenhagen when Greta went there to visit her cousin Anna who showed her all the wonders of the great city.

Mrs. Bailey has created a delightful picture of Danish life and woven into her story of little Greta's adventures a great deal of the history, geography and everyday life of this fascinating little country.

The author took her own photographs during a lkong visit in Denmark and has proved herself as capable a photographer as she is a writer of delightful books for children.

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