My Watch

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Every morning I try to remember to put on my watch. This is not because I run a tight schedule and am afraid of being late. Our days are pretty flexible and a half an hour early or late doesn't really matter much. I don't wear it because I need to know what time it is. Our house is small so I can usually see a clock no matter where I'm sitting. In fact, if you ask me what time it is I will probably forget that I'm wearing one on my wrist and I'll look around for one on the wall. If I can't find one, I'll most likely say that I don't know. Then you'll point to my wrist and I'll blush and feel silly.

No, I put on my watch every morning to symbolize my efforts to work diligently and use my time wisely. It's a reminder at the start of my day that life ticks by one second at a time and I want to make each one count.

Plus I think it's pretty.

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