Spring Showers

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It was raining outside, a gentle spring rain that leaves the air soft and the growing things happy. The new leaves were green, the dogwoods were blooming, and everything was dripping with water from above. Wet as it was, we were out in it.

The kids didn't get a nap on Sunday, so on Monday they were ready for a nap early—as was I. Slumber quickly descended over our home. I could have slept till dinner time, but Joshua and Lucy woke up after only two hours of sleeping. Gone was the drowsy quietness.

It wasn't long before Joshua's grumpiness earned him a spanking. Then he helped me clean up the scattered blocks and cars, only to have Lucy pull out a stack of books. I went to start a load of laundry and came up to the kitchen to find Joshua furtively trying to use a dry bath towel to clean up cinnamon sugar he'd spilled. I like cinnamon swirled in bread—it's not so attractive swirled across the kitchen floor. After removing his socks and sending him away from the mess, I started to clean it up. But soon there were screams to deal with...

"Enough!" I told myself. There were still dishes to be washed and rooms to be tidied and I felt like I was chasing my own tail. So I pulled out the stroller, put on shoes, buttoned up coats, and buckled the kids in. "We're going to walk to Nanny's house," I said to them. "Just wait here while I finish cleaning up." Excited about a walk, they happily obliged. Besides, being strapped down, they couldn't make messes or annoy each other.

Twenty minutes later, the floor was cleaned, the washer was running, and the dishes were washed. A fresh spring breeze washed over us as we began strolling down the wet street. The air was warm and even the drops that fell on my hands as I pushed the stroller didn't make me cold. Spring was all around and we could feel new life growing as bushes, trees, and flowers put forth their young blossoms. As the rain fell on everything around us, I could only think of God's blessings showering down. A sense of great peace and calm filled my soul.

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