Exciting Announcement

Friday, July 01, 2005

Married life has become normal now, after the few months that it's been. We've both had lots to keep our minds on, but we're always thankful to have each other to return to. Exodus has been gearing up for the busy season and we've been excitedly giving it's website (www.exodusbooks.com) a fresh new face lift as well as new search features and pictures. Every trip around the sun brings something new.

But the biggest news, the most momentous, life changing update that I have to bring you is the tidings that in January our family of two will become three! What's that little ditty about love, marriage, and a baby carriage? We are both very excited. Even with Exodus's busy season looming on the horizon, I can't help but fill my mind with this more joyous, personal event beyond.

January 18th is the official due date and I'm eleven weeks along, as of Wednesday, June 29th. I've been feeling mostly fine, once I eat breakfast, and so far, all the recommendations and advice I've received from pregnancy veterans for dealing with uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms have been appreciated but un-followed. Thanks anyway! My clothes still fit, but some are beginning to be tight, especially after dinner. Check back in a couple months for pictures after I start showing!

Other than that we've just been enjoying life: reading the Chronicles of Narnia out loud in the evenings, visiting family (and excited Grandparents-to-be), and occasionally going on dates, such as last night when we went to the Olive Garden for dinner and then to see War of the Worlds. (Dinner was delicious and the movie, we thought, was lots of fun, if you like sitting on the edge of your seat and holding your breath for a couple hours while you hope the characters can survive that massive alien attack!) One such date happened a couple weeks ago when we went out with Eli's parents, his brother Sam, and his wife. We saw the delightful movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the theatre and then went to Stanford's for happy hour. I'm still a minor, but I wasn't planning on drinking anything anyway, so we didn't think it would be a problem to sit in the bar area and enjoy some drinks, appetizers, and prices cut in half. That was before the waitress pointed out the sign that says "NO MINORS permitted in this area," and told us we had to go sit in the other half of the restaurant. It was very embarrassing to have to stand up and troop over to the minors-permitted area, all because of me. And happy hour wasn't in effect over there! Ah, the trials of being young!

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