Still Waiting

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My due date was yesterday and I've been ready to meet this little baby for a good week and a half. Everything is ready and waiting and time has nearly slowed to a standstill. They say that no one has ever been pregnant forever and that the baby will come one of these days, but it's getting increasingly hard to believe!

Last Friday night we thought we might get to see our daughter in the morning because I had regular contractions all night long. Starting around one I was able to time them at about five minutes apart fairly consistently. We called the doctor and he came and slept on our couch, waiting for things to get more serious. However, the contractions only came when I was laying down. Every time I got up to go to the bathroom or something, they would take a while to start back up again once I went back to bed. By about seven thirty in the morning, they petered off completely.

That was a pretty disappointing experience! I got so excited when contractions were so regular and allowed myself to imagine how happy times might be in the morning. I would have gotten to use that cute little outfit lying in the crib, I would get to count the toes on the feet that I feel poking me from the inside, and Joshua would get to hold his little sister. Ever since that day, I have been afraid that if I stay home alone time will stop all together and the baby will never come!

Here's a picture of me at forty weeks and one day. Yes, I know, I don't look that big, but believe me, I feel pretty full. Maybe I shouldn't have smiled so cheerfully. I don't think that picture will get me much sympathy!

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