Summer's End

Friday, September 29, 2006

Life has been pretty exciting lately, in an ordinary sort of way. Check out the Photo Album to see all the new skills that Joshua has been developing. I have lots of fun watching him learn and mature.

I recently decided that it was time to get my hair cut. I love long hair, and Joshua didn't really pull it that much, but it was starting to be tricky to roll over in bed. My sister and Mom had long hair too and they agreed with me. So the three of us went to Penny's and took some shots that displayed our flowing tresses so we wouldn't forget. Then we headed over to Great Clips where they cut off 10 inches to donate to the Cancer Association for making wigs and give you a free hair cut. Now the three of us have been enjoying quicker washing, easier updos, and being able to roll over in bed. You can see my new look in the latest page of the Photo Album.

The busy season has been wrapping up at Exodus and Eli has been paying bills and tying up loose ends in preparation for taking a break. No, not a vacation to the Caribbean (though we will go to the beach one of these weekends). He's going to let one of his employees be in charge of running the store while he works on the website from home. I'm looking forward to seeing him more during the day, although we're both wondering how we're going to be able to focus on our respective tasks. We'll make it work and hopefully www.exodusbooks.com will transform into a helpful search engine and wealth of knowledge for homeschoolers!

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