Newly Weds

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hello everyone from near and far! This is Amanda writing to let you know what's up around here. Thanks for being curious enough about us to come and find out. I will endeavor to satisfy that curiosity and we'll all hope that in this case it won't kill the cat!

Well, the wedding is over, we're back from our honeymoon, and our new life has begun. Eli and I both agree that married life is wonderful. I was talking to my good friend Sally Stoos, who just got married a little more than a year ago, and we decided that being married is even better than being engaged. When you're engaged you're busy planning a wedding, there are conflicts of opinions, and emotions are running high. Once the wedding is over there is nothing left but normal life and forever to think about.

And normal life for a while is quite new and exciting. Going shopping, cooking meals for two, doing laundry, and all those tasks that become chores after years of repetition are still novel and enjoyable. I'm having fun planning out meals for the week, stocking my pantry, and setting the table with candles and table clothes. I'm sure it won't be long before these responsibilities will become repetitious and I'll have to start practicing taking joy in the vanity of vanities of everyday life that is so apparent to housewives.

Exodus has been going through some exciting transitions as well. I've been working there three days a week and it's been fun learning to help customers and be more and more useful. Eli recently added a warehouse and we've been busy filling it up with new shelves and all the overstock that has been crowding the shelves in the store. We also just bought new wooden shelves for the classics in the "new room." They are quite a bit taller and much prettier looking than the serviceable, but unattractive bookshelves we had before. With the addition of the new shelves, the "new room" will be much spiffier looking and the "used room", which is where the old shelves will go, will have a whole new aisle to space out the books in there. It's amazing to watch God continue to grow Exodus year after year!

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