Green Beans for Esther

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Usually Esther is asleep during meal time. This works out great for me because I'm not ready to start feeding her solid food. But occasionally she wakes up early and is quite excited to be a part of whatever food business is going on.

Yesterday she woke up right as I was putting dinner on the table. I dished out the children's plates, hoping she would fall back asleep. But she was insistent. As I sat down to nurse her, she saw the table spread with dinner and her siblings heartily digging in. Though she can't speak with words, her body language was pretty clear: "Mommy! Feed me some of that food!" Quickly she finished nursing, but had not forgotten what was going on in the dining room. First we tried letting her daddy hold her, giving nibbles between bites. He wasn't moving fast enough so I set up our spare booster where both of us could feed her. She gobbled down maybe a spoonful of green beans as well as a few grains of rice, intently begging for more the moment each bite was down her throat. Pretty quickly though, she wasn't so desperate.

Soon enough she'll be sitting with us for every meal, impatiently waiting for another spoonful while I try to get my own bites in edgewise. She'll have to learn sign language for "please" and "more." And she'll get those stinky, chunky diapers. No, I'm not quite ready to move on to that phase yet!

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