Tea and Sweaters

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Friday, November 3rd and Joshua and I are enjoying a quiet autumn afternoon. The rain has stopped, although the sky is still cloudy and gray. This is just such a day that a true Oregonian—tired of blue sky and dry weather—longs for as summer draws to a close. A day for tea and big sweaters, a time for books and snug corners, I love fall in Oregon!

During the month of October, Eli let our employees take over keeping the store open and came home to work on the Exodus website. My dad worked from home for a good chunk of my childhood so I had fun having Eli here all day. We could eat breakfast whenever we wanted, enjoy snacks together, and go on walks when it was light outside. Joshua liked having his daddy here all day too; you could see their relationship grow deeper every day. But don't worry, Eli got plenty of work done. He would be so focused some days that he wouldn't notice cookies, even when they were right by his elbow! Now October is over, however, and Eli is back at Exodus. He's having fun gabbing with customers and showing them the progress he made on the website while he was away. The customers are glad to have him back too. We miss him though: now when he comes through the door in the evening Joshua gets excited and reaches out to give him hugs!

Joshua has been making maturational jumps. He started shaking his head and when we nod back at him he just shakes it all the more! Right now he's working on his sixth tooth, as evidenced by the runny nose and constant drooling. And he's getting more and more daring about climbing along the furniture. His balance is getting better. He's so much fun to be around!

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