A Pioneer Woman Breakfast

Friday, June 04, 2010

No, I was not out in the yard over a fire cooking grits and flapjacks. I had milk to use up so I flipped through the (lovely) pages of my (signed) Pioneer Woman Cookbook and decided to try her "French Breakfast Puffs". I don't think I'll ever be buying cake donuts again. These were delicious and by the time I'd licked the beaters and the spatula, nibbled the crumbs as I took them out of the muffin cups, and eaten just one of the finished products, I had a happy, satisfied feeling in my tummy.

I don't know if my muffin cups were significantly smaller than hers or if I didn't measure right, but I ended up with way too much batter. I did double it to make 24 rather than 12, but I think the original recipe could have easily made 18-20. As it was they got that funny mushroom shape as they rose too quickly out of the cups and a couple bits of poorly mixed in butter melted over onto the bottom of the stove (smoky!). Next time I'm going to just slightly increase the butter and flour and scoop all 24 of my muffins cups. This "next time" will be coming soon!

On another note, I saw some blue sky on my way home from Spicer Brothers Produce today. I took a mental picture of it so I can remember what it looks like now that it's gone again.

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