More Wisdom from the Wilsons

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People used to always tell me of helpful articles they'd read on the Wilson ladies' blog, Femina. Well, I recently signed up to their RSS feed and at least half of what I've read since then has been just golden. This article is another nugget.

Among the Wilson grandchildren there are ten girls under the age of ten so Rebekah and her sister spend lots of time talking about how to raise them. Gossip, manipulation, and backstabbing start early. Little girls must learn not do do those things with their young friends. And they must learn how to deal with friends who do. These sins won't be loud and rambunctious like a playground brawl so if you aren't paying attention you are likely to miss them, leaving your little princess to grow up into a fine "Dame Folly." Rebekah's advice: ask questions. Ask lots of questions. And wrestle your way through the answers.

Though Rebekah is talking here about little girls, I think we need to have these conversations with all of our children. Not all boys wear their feelings on their cuffs (and yes, boys have feelings too) and they don't all fight with their fists. Even if they do, they still need to be taught when to stand up and when to turn the other cheek. As parents we are in the soul-shaping business. May God grant us the patience to ask lots of questions of our children and the wisdom to give answers that will shape them into sharp arrows that will engage the enemy in the gate.

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