Moving: Chapter Three


Monday, April 26, 2010

Last time we moved, Joshua was about 18 months old. He was a little confused as he saw the boxes pile up in the living room, but the empty cupboards in the kitchen were fun. The move itself didn't bother him much and he loved the backyard at his new home.

At four years old, though, Joshua's memory extends a bit beyond the last meal he ate. This time around the move is definitely affecting him. The other day he came to me crying about something and I talked to him, helping him work out the situation. Before letting him go off to play, I asked him if he liked moving. Suddenly he was crying with a heartbroken type of cry that I'm not sure I've ever heard him use before. He said the moving was making him cry and he asked if we were going to take his toys with us. After assuring him that we would take care of him and make a good home in our new house (and that, yes, we would certainly take his toys), I showed him pictures of his first move. I think that helped him realize that we've been through change before, and we'll survive it again.

I'm so glad he can talk about things on his mind now. When they're babies you always wonder what they're thinking as they sit and watch the world around them. But now Joshua can tell me. Though I don't always understand the long rambling stories he comes up with at the dinner table, I treasure our little heart-to-heart conversations.

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