Another Announcement

Friday, March 30, 2007

It's been quite a while since I wrote and I hope I have at least a few readers who will faithfully continue to check back. The Evans Family Chronicles are getting increasingly interesting. I think so anyway!

God has been good to us so far this year, to all four of us. That's right, our newest member is safely curled up inside me growing daily and consuming lots of nutrition. This new blessing is expected to make its appearance early in October and we are very excited to see how God's plan unfolds in its little life. We found out shortly after Joshua's first birthday and it wasn't long afterwards that the presence of new life was unmistakable. I have felt much more tired and queasy this time around. Food has lost its appeal and yet if I don't eat I only feel worse. It's amazing how little one can get done when three hours of the day are taken up by scrounging for food and choking it down and two more are spent sleeping on the couch. Joshua has been a very good boy through it all remaining easy to care for and such a joy to watch. Eli has been the real hero of the family. While I lounge about wishing for energy and grumpy about the state of my stomach, he keeps the monster in the kitchen at bay and never once complains. He has been amazingly patient with me and helps me through my weird mood swings with always a hug and a comforting word. Now, at the beginning of the second trimester, and end (or at least a lessening) of the sickies seems to be in sight. There are days when I have more energy and feel hungry instead of just queasy. Sometimes I actually get a project done!

Joshua has continued to grow and increase in accomplishments (walking not yet included). He still loves food but has learned to sign "please" and "more" instead of just bellowing. We're still working on being thankful instead of whining and crying when we say dessert is all gone. He still hasn't learned how to walk, although the big chicken could if he wasn't afraid of falling on his bottom. He has perfect balance and can stand for nearly a minute all by himself. But he can get anywhere he wants by crawling and he just doesn't see a need to risk a humiliating fall. We love him lots and if toothful kisses and snuggly hugs mean anything, I think he loves us back.

Eli, when not at home being a model husband, works hard at Exodus. Business is very good, leaving little time for long term website projects but much hope for a profitable summer. Busy, busy, busy! That's my man!

In a couple weeks he's going to be forced to take a break though. We're taking a family vacation to tour Florida from the Keys to the Panhandle and then see cousins in Alabama and then we'll finish in New Orleans. It's a two week trip that will include warm sunshine, playing on the beach, seeing exotic swamps and things, touring historical sights, and fellowshipping with cousins that we haven't seen in too long. Also a fair amount of driving. It promises to be lots of fun and you'll have to come back sometime in May to see if I've recuperated enough to post some beautiful pictures!

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