It's a Boy!

Friday, September 23, 2005

As I said, it's Friday, September 23rd in this year of our Lord 2005. Summer has come and gone, the busy season at Exodus is over, and we've been married for six months already! It's amazing how time flies.

I could jaw on about how our busy season went, how married life has been, and about how I'm so happy that fall time is approaching, but I'm sure you first want to hear how the baby's doing and whether or not we've found out if it's a boy or girl. Well, I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and we found out that it's a boy! We are very excited, and Eli was especially happy to hear that he was getting a son as his firstborn. Little Junior is doing quite well and I often feel him moving around (although he doesn't seem to be a particularly active little Evans). Yes, we have thought of names. In fact, we have a whole list typed up in a file called "Baby Names". However, you'll have to wait until he's born to find out what we've decided on.

I'm now 23 weeks along: more than halfway! Some people don't think I'm showing very much yet, but I definitely think I am. I've out grown all my regular pants and I began wearing maternity clothes. There's undeniably a baby growing in there!

Now that your curiosity is satisfied about the baby, I'll let you know how our summer went. Exodus was busy every day with people getting ready for school and we worked hard to fulfill all their needs. Since school has started and most of our customers have settled down to their fall routines, we've been focusing on projects and catching up on paperwork. We're working hard on our website (www.exodusbooks.com), organizing and categorizing the books and hopefully making the catalog easier to use. We've also been talking about our vision, both for the store and for our family, and how to present that vision to our customers.

These are exciting days as we think about and make plans for the future. We look forward to seeing what God will do with our lives and how He'll use us to advance His kingdom.

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