Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're moved and settled now and preparations for the baby are underway. We had plenty of help on the day we moved and were able to fit most of our stuff in Eli's brother's trailer and my parents' van. After the first caravan went down to the new place and unloaded, we only had a couple of small loads left. I thank God for my mother's example of not hanging on to a lot of superfluous stuff. All the preparation that I did before hand really paid off and we were able to spend a good chunk of the day settling in and unpacking my kitchen. My mom was a wonderful help in that area, keeping me going and just taking things out of boxes and putting them somewhere. She believes in one day moves and I think I agree with her. By Tuesday, I was able to sit on the couch in our new living room and not feel like there was anything left that I needed to move in. Books were settled on their shelves, candles were lit, pictures were on the wall, and the place was already feeling like home.

I've enjoyed the getting to know the house. It's an older house and, while I'm waiting to decide if I like living in an old house until we actually have some experience dealing with things, I can definitely see why people like them. It has so much more character than our apartment did. The walls there were just white rectangles and it took a lot to make them feel decorated. Here our furniture and possessions look so much more cozy and settled and just a few tasteful pictures and candleholders are all that's needed to decorate the room. All the little creaks and squeaks will soon become familiar and I can tell that there will be many fond memories associated with this house.

With only three weeks left till the baby's due date, I'm beginning to get excited. I'm going to the doctor every week now and today he said we are safe to deliver. The baby could safely be born any time! Of course, we could still have a solid month ahead of us, but I've definitely reached the anxiously waiting stage. Since we have more room in the house, we bought an upright freezer and I've begun the process of filling it with food that will make meals easier for months after the baby's born. Soon I'll set up the bassinette, wash all the cute little pink clothes that I've been collecting, and gather supplies for the birth. It's amazing to think that in only a few weeks we'll have another little one in our home!

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