Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At three weeks old Esther warms my heart with her smiles. Her grins light up her whole face. She will watch my face intently when I talk to her and replies with adorable little cooing sounds.

I've been enjoying these first few weeks of her life. Many of you will remember the intense pain I had while nursing Lucy. My biggest hope and prayer was that this time around would not be nearly so bad. Thankfully the Lord heard my cry again and it's much better! One side healed up within a week and the other is no longer pure agony. I think it will be all better before the baby's a month old. Thank you very much to those of you who prayed specifically about this concern!

Esther has been a very good baby. She sleeps soundly at night and even went for nearly eight hours last night! She likes to eat about every two hours during the day so I've had a hard time working in a nap for myself, but as long as night time is so good, I'm happy. Joshua and Lucy both love her to pieces and want to give her hugs and kisses every time she wakes up. Most other times they're happy to ignore her.

Having three kids has been less of an adjustment than I expected, though I'm still trying to take it easy resting, playing, eating smoothies, and using paper dishes. Joshua and Lucy have been doing a better job playing together instead of just getting on each other's nerves. Of course, when I let them have free reign of the backyard (mole hills and wading pool included) why should they complain?

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