A Good Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I like to write about good days so that when I'm in the middle of a bad day I have evidence that it's not always like that. Today is a day worth writing about.

Since I finally figured out how to work Eli's ancient alarm/ clock/ radio/ cassette player (yes, remember cassettes?), my day began when I was woken up by lovely classical music. (Eli usually sets the beeper because music doesn't wake him up). The sun was just beginning to shine as I walked over to my weekly Bible study. The kids were happy when I got back, I cooked a yummy breakfast out of my new Pioneer Woman cookbook, and we finished with enough time to read a chapter of Proverbs before Eli left for work.

I've been trying for months to get the breakfast dishes done right after breakfast but I usually can't scrape together enough motivation to just get to it. It's such a little pile and I just finished cooking, so I usually let it sit. But today we all cleared the table and while I scrubbed, Joshua vacuumed. (Well, he sat there holding the vacuum as it ran until I came over and realized that there was some blockage preventing proper suction.)

Instead of sitting down at the computer to check email and putter around with digital scrap booking, I started laundry and did some housecleaning. By then the baby was awake from her morning nap. After feeding her we all put shoes on and enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine while we walked to the park.

When we got back, all three kids played (without tears, for the most part) while I played the piano. Then the baby went to bed, the kids got drinks, and we wound down for nap time. Joshua sat on my lap and Lucy curled up under her blankets drifting off to sleep while I read a chapter of Five Children and It.

Now I am creating images for the Exodus website and Joshua is reading Bill Peet books on the couch. Intently he turns the pages, and when he bursts into giggles, my heart sings. My life is not always like this. I embrace the chatter, squabbles, messes, and challenges that come my way daily. But a measure of quiet orderliness goes a long way towards maintaining sanity.

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