The Weather and Everybody's Health

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Usually around September I start looking forward to sweaters, rain, tea, curling up with a good book...you know, all those fun cold weather things. But this year the thought of it being cold and dark made me sad. Apart from two or three weeks of miserably hot weather, I really enjoyed this summer. I was not ready to give up my tank tops and bare feet.

But God had pity on me. He kept the weather warm and beautiful well into October. We did have some dark rainy days, but they often cleared up by the afternoon and the candles that I would light to brighten the mood looked pathetic against the rays of the setting sun streaming through my dining room windows.

Then December and the darkest time of the year loomed around the corner. I got out the Christmas lights I already had and purchased more. I hung lights in the dining room, I stretched them across my big windows in the living room, and I hung them on the tree we brought home. God laughed at my efforts and gave us the sunniest (and the coldest) December I can ever remember. I think we had blue sky from horizon to horizon for two weeks straight. There were days I didn't even turn on my little lights because it was so bright outside.

I'm sure God didn't orchestrate the weather just so I would be happy, but whatever the larger ramifications of His plan are, I sure am thankful that it included some sunshine for me.

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