Esther's Accomplishments

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I was sweeping the floor the other evening when I heard the book reading going on in the other room suddenly get interrupted by giggles and exclamation of amazement. Hurrying over, I found Esther holding an old cell phone—now used as a toy—to her ear. She was babbling into it and waving "hi" with the other hand. To listen to all our applauding and cooing you would have thought she had discovered time travel. The kids thought she was very funny and even though Eli and I have seen two other kids learn to do pretty much the same thing, it was still amazing and (of course) adorable. Sorry about the poor picture quality. My babies never perform for the camera so I had to snap some quickly without messing around with settings or changing lenses.

Esther's Accomplishment #2 is also a Lesson Learned for Mommy. Bananas left on the floor are very appetizing to a crawling baby, even with the skins still on. Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly when I left both the bananas and the baby on the floor, even though they were in different rooms. By the time I came back, Esther was smacking her lips and two of the bananas had their ends completely chewed off. Gross! I did not stop to take a picture. This one was taken after everything had been cleaned up. Yes, I still left bananas on the floor, but I was watching this time. After putting my camera away, I put the bananas in the fridge.

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