Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lately I've been thinking too much. I'm the sort of person who's mind is always busy thinking about one thing or another and too often I end up thinking that something's not right. And then I get sad. So when I found this quote from Nancy Wilson's new book, Building Her House, I took it to heart as though she wrote it just for me.

"For those who do lose heart, we must cheer them on. We must exhort them to resist the temptation to stop and analyze what is going on, falling into an endless cycle of introspection. Cast your cares upon God and then seek His strength to move on. There is too much work to be done!"
-Nancy Wilson, Building Her House, p. 59

Instead of worrying, fretting, criticizing, comparing, and getting into an "endless cycle of introspection," I should keep Philippians 4:8 in mind. I'm trying to remember to focus on that which is true, noble, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. And other than that I'm just trying to keep busy! There is much work to be done and if I have time to sit around and feel sorry for myself then maybe I should ask God to bring along something new to fill my time.

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