World Religions, Cults and Sects

Most of us do not know how to talk to people of other religions and beliefs about Christ and the Christian faith. We find it awkward to bring the subject up or feel inadequate to defend our faith. Part of evangelism and apologetics is to understand the way others think, at least enough to interact with them in an educated way.

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"But Don't All Religions Lead to God?"
by Michael Green
from Baker Books
for 7th-Adult
Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism
by Marcia Brim
from Brimwood Press
for 6th-12th grade
in Tools for Young Historians (Location: I-WOR)
Christianity, Cults & Religions
by Rose Publishing
7th edition from Rose Publishing
for 10th-Adult
Christianity, Cults & Religions
from Rose Publishing
for 9th-Adult
Coming of the Mormons
Landmark #37
by Jim Kjelgaard
from Random House
for 5th-9th grade
Compact Guide to World Religions
by Dean C. Halverson
from Bethany House
for 9th-Adult
God-Centered Evangelism
by R. B. Kuiper
from Banner of Truth Trust
Jesus Among Other Gods
by Ravi Zacharias
from W Publishing Group
for 10th-Adult
Operation World
by Patrick Johnstone
7th edition from InterVarsity Press
for 9th-Adult
in Prayer
Religions Of The World
by Elizabeth Breuilly, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer
Revised from Checkmark Books
for 3rd-9th grade
in Tools for Young Historians (Location: I-WOR)
Secret Believers
by Brother Andrew
from Revell Publishing
for 10th-Adult
in Biographies (Location: O1A-BIO)
So What's the Difference?
by Fritz Ridenour
2nd edition from Regal Books
for Adult
Student's Guide to Religious Studies
by D.G. Hart
1st edition from Intercollegiate Studies Institute
for 9th-12th grade
Tales of Persia
by William Miller
from P&R Publishing
Biography for 4th-8th grade
in History of Missions (Location: J)
The Koran
by Anonymous
Revised from Penguin Classics
for 10th-Adult
in Medieval Literature (Location: MLIT2-MED)
Thousand Year War in the Mideast
by Richard Maybury
1st edition from Bluestocking Press
for 10th-Adult
in Uncle Eric books (Location: F1E-ECO)
Unholy Spirits
by Gary North
from Institute for Christian Economics
for Adult
Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions
by Clare Hickman, Kirsteen Rogers, Susan Meredith
from Usborne
for 5th-9th grade
Window on the World
by Daphne Spraggett & Jill Johnstone
from Paternoster
for 2nd-7th grade
in Devotions for Kids (Location: J)
$12.00 (1 in stock)
Wisdom of the Buddha
by F. Max Muller
Unabridged from Dover Publications
in Ancient Literature (Location: MLIT-ANC)
$1.50 (1 in stock)
World Religions
by John Bowker
from DK Publishing
for 5th-12th grade
$18.95 $12.50 (1 in stock)
World Religions
by Gerald R McDermott
from Thomas Nelson Publishers
for 11th-Adult