Clearance: Christian Books

The Portland area has had about 15 Christian bookstores close in the last few years, and we've tried to pick up the slack a little bit. Unfortunately, we have less than 400 square feet to devote to the Christian section and our ability to display products well is poor. So a couple of main lessons we've learned during the last seven years is that we must be intentional in our selection; otherwise we drown in good stuff, when we could be sailing with the excellent. Also, we must keep used book prices comparable to Amazon or we'll never sell them at all. So we're clearing out books that are too narrow, too academic, or just don't fit our typical clientele. You'll find some very interesting and diverse books here! 

PLEASE NOTE: This is your last chance to buy these books. We will NOT be buying them again. Also, THESE BOOKS ARE NOT RETURNABLE, AND ARE SOLD AS-IS (flaws, highlighting, torn covers and all). Please remember that you can purchase as many of these as you like and have them all shipped for one low cost of $4.95.

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Clearance: Christian Books
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ACSI Bible 4 - Student Book
ACSI Bible
from ACSI (Purposeful Design)
for 4th grade
in ACSI Bible (Location: B12-02D)
End of Reason
by Ravi Zacharias
from Zondervan
for Adult
in Beginning Christian Apologetics (Location: C04-03C)
Gospel as Center
from Crossway Books
for Adult
in The Gospel (Location: C05-01A)
Love & Respect
by Emerson Eggerichs
from Thomas Nelson Publishers
for Adult
in Covenant Marriage (Location: C02-01A)
Same-Sex Marriage
Thoughtful Response
by Sean McDowell, John Stonestreet
from Baker Books
for Adult
in Clearance: Christian Books (Location: C01-CHR)
Technical Virgin
by Hayley DiMarco
from Revell Publishing
for 10th-12th grde
in Raising Daughters (Location: C02-02F)
$2.80 (1 in stock)