Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Abe Lincoln Grows Up

by Carl Sandburg, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
©1956, Item: 43280
Hardcover, 222 pages
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Carl Sandburg's "Abraham Lincoln, the Prairie Years" was first published for Lincoln's Birthday, in 1926. Since then, it has become evident that the book lives for people of all ages and kinds, but the earlier chapters on Lincoln's own boyhood hold, of course, the greatest interest for boy and girl readers.

This book is made from the first twenty-seven chapters of the original two-volume biography. It is fully illustrated by James Daugherty, whose work is distinctive for its recreation of the strength and hardships of pioneer life.

Here we have Lincoln's babyhood and boyhood at Knob Creek Farm and on Little Pigeon Creek; his games and chores; the things he handles and uses; his life at Gentryville and on the Mississippi; until at nineteen, leaving home to make his fortune at New Salem, "Abe Lincoln Grows Up."

"These drawings are a notable fresh contribution to American history."—Anne Carroll Moore in N.Y. Herald Tribune.

"A book boys will revel in. . . . The generous illustrations in black and white by Mr. Daugherty are a perfect complement to Carl Sandburg's style and remarkably significant of the times they picture in their rugged power and strong, expressive lines." —New York World

—from the first edition dust jacket

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Summary: Poet Carl Sandburg describes the early life of Abraham Lincoln in beautiful, if mythologized, prose.

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