Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout

Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout

The Life Story and True Adventures of the Great Hunter Long Knife

by Stewart E. White, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
Publisher: Garden City Books
©1922, Item: 88009
Hardcover, 274 pages
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This is the true story of a man whose strength, foresight and exciting adventures became legendary even in his own lifetime. It is the story of his almost unbelievable adventures, captures, escapes and battles—and the stirring tale of the conquest of the "Dark and Bloody Ground" which he won for America.

It tells of the dangers and hardships of the frontier, and of the men like Boone who ventured far beyond the borders of civilization to lead the way for future settlers. It tells of their skill in hunting, shooting, tracking Indians and other aspects of woodcraft. It tells of their work, their play, their struggles.

It tells of Daniel Boone's accomplishments—the Wilderness Trail, the settlements beyond the mountains. It tells of his vision of the American West, which he opened up for settlement.

From the first page to the last this book is the thrilling record of the most exciting and most dangerous period of American history—and of the most romantic and adventurous figure of that period.

—from the dust jacket of the Junior Deluxe Edition

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