Courageous Companions

Courageous Companions

by Charles J. Finger, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
1st Edition, ©1929, Item: 87993
Hardcover, 304 pages
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Based upon the historical documents of Magellan's Cruise, Charles J. Finger has written this, his latest, and we believe, his best adventure story—the tale of Osberne, a young English lad who shipped with the Spaniard on the first voyage round the world.

It is a tale of life before the mast with sailor's yarns humming in one's ears and salt spray stinging one's face; of mutiny at sea; of brave rescues; and braver struggles with native savage hosts; of hunger and thirst and famine; a vivid portrayal of one of the most romantic expeditions of the world.

With an eye to the printed page and a finger to the map of the world, we follow the course of Magellan's ship. Through uncharted seas, between rock-bound shores, into hazardous channels never plumbed before, we sail with these first navigators who risked their lives for posterity and who have left as eternal memorial to their names, their first charts of Southern Seas.

Mr. Finger has written Courageous Companions with a care for geographical and historical background and has drawn the details with an acuteness and vitality to be found only in one seasoned with adventure, like himself.

James Daugherty has pictured for us the heroes of our story and lent the charm of his imagination and the skill of his brush to round out this contribution to the history of adventure and exploration.


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