Of Courage Undaunted

Of Courage Undaunted

Across the Continent with Lewis & Clark

by James Daugherty
Trade Paperback, 168 pages
Price: $17.95

Historical Setting: Louisiana Purchase, 1803-1806 A. D.

Mr. Daugherty has reconstructed in essence and detail one of the most splendid and daring exploits in the history of exploration and discovery. In simple, forceful, rhythmic language and in pictures rich with imaginative understanding, he has captured the magnificence of disciplined bravery, the gusto and rollicking humor of the true spirit of adventure and the beauty of wilderness. Bold 2 and 3 color illustrations by the author exemplify the text.

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FLAWS: Violence
Summary: In his typical larger-than-life prose, Daugherty tracks the overland adventures of the mighty Lewis and Clark.

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