Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Abe Lincoln Grows Up

by Carl Sandburg, Al Schmidt (Illustrator)
©1967, Item: 14167
Hardcover, 217 pages
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Carl Sandburg, the famous American author, was world-renowned for his folk tales and songs, poetry and children's stories. His stirring biography of our sixteenth President was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and many other honors. ABE LINCOLN GROWS UP comes from the early part of that great work.

EVERY American youngster learns that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. But the whole story of how he rose from humble beginnings to become one of this country's greatest heroes is as inspiring and exciting an ad- venture story as any book ever written.

And no author has told it so well and beautifully as Carl Sandburg. In this portion of the saga, you'll read about Lincoln's birth and babyhood, the joys and hardships of boyhood at Knob Creek Farm and on Little Pigeon Creek, his thrilling explorations on the Mississippi River, the years spend learning a hundred skills and reading a thousand books.

You'll enjoy reading about young Abe's education—about the long marches across dangerous terrain to reach the stuffy, one-room schoolhouse where he said his lessons. You'll like getting to know Abe—"stronger than three men," yet as gentle and kind a boy as existed anywhere. And you'll love meeting Abe's mother, Nancy, and reading of the work and chores of life in the wilderness.

ABE LINCOLN GROWS UP is sure to become one of your favorite books—the language is clear and exciting, and the people it tells about are among the finest in history!

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Summary: Poet Carl Sandburg describes the early life of Abraham Lincoln in beautiful, if mythologized, prose.

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