Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

by Francis Parkman Jr., James Daugherty (Illustrator)
©1959, Item: 87994
Hardcover, 385 pages
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"Last spring, 1846, . . . my friend and relative, Quincy Adams Shaw, and myself, left St. Louis on the twenty-eighth of April, on a tour of curiosity and amusement to the Rocky Mountains." Thus began the trip of this young Harvard man, who, never in good health, managed to endure the rigors of plain and mountain travel, to hunt buffaloes and Indians, and to suffer lonely journeys under a broiling sun when he was faint with thirst and fever.

A great story of the West, "illustrated with lavishness and fire by James Daugherty, whose pictures contain in themselves all that is necessary to remind us of one 'who knew the prairies and the mountains before irresistible commonplace had subdued them.'"

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