Railroad to Freedom

Railroad to Freedom

A Story of the Civil War

by Hildegarde H. Swift, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
1960 printing, ©1932, Item: 75278
Hardcover, 364 pages
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This is a fictionalized biography of Araminta Ross (later known as Harriet Tubman) telling of her life in slavery and her work on the Underground Railroad.

A little pickaninny played around the cabin down in Maryland where her mother did the cooking for the Big House. Hers was the freedom of childhood, but as soon as she grew a little older she knew she was a slave. Some of her masters were kind, more of them were not. She saw dreadful things happen to slaves who tried to escape. Her own head was struck by the stone flung at a runaway negro. That wound healed, but never the burning sense of injury in her heart. She resolved to escape.

That girl was Harriet Tubman, a real person. She lived not only to make good her resolve but to conduct three hundred slaves along the Underground Railroad that led to the North and freedom. She became known as the Moses who led her people out of bondage.

This story of a heroine who is part of the history of our country is told here for the first time in book form. The drama of Harriet's own life is intensely thrilling; the part she played in the life of a nation strikes even deeper into the reader's heart.

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