Poor Richard

Poor Richard

by James Daugherty
Trade Paperback, 158 pages
Price: $17.95

Historical Setting: Boston, Philadelphia, London, Paris, 1706-1790 A. D.

A masterful account of this most amazing American. "A biography of Franklin written with a sweep and verve worthy of its subject and brilliantly illustrated." — The New Yorker

This superb biography of the printer, statesman, author, reformer, inventor and ambassador reveals a Benjamin Franklin who, in his time, lived more lives than many men together. The brilliance and inexhaustible ingenuity of mind that fascinated his contemporaries continues to charm us now in Daugherty's work of perhaps America's most distinguished citizen and most interesting human being. Here is an understanding of the Poor Richard that underlay all of Franklin's life, through honors and distinctions, foreign and domestic, saying, with shrewd Yankee economy: "Well done is better than well said." As with all of Daugherty's books, his illustrations of 2 and 3 color compliment the meaty text for the enjoyment of all.

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Summary: Highly readable biography of America's very own Benjamin Franklin.

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