Ten Brave Men

Ten Brave Men

Makers of the American Way

by Sonia Daugherty, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
Publisher: Lippincott
©1951, Item: 79341
Library Rebind, 152 pages
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With a deep concern and understanding of how important it is for American boys and girls today to know the great men of our country's history, Sonia Daugherty has written these inspiring, dramatic stories of ten men who charted the American way of freedom.

The stories deal with these men at historic moments when each made some decision or took some action which shaped the character and destiny of America:

  •      William Bradford, bulwark of courage to the Pilgrims in their first winter on American soil;
  •      Roger Williams' heroic fight for freedom of conscience;
  •      Samuel Adams deciding on the Boston Teaparty;
  •      Patrick Henry when he dared to say "If this be treason—make the most of it!";
  •      Thomas Jefferson framing the Declaration;
  •      George Washington deciding to attack Trenton on Christmas night;
  •      Benjamin Franklin's wise patience in Paris;
  •      John Paul Jones when he cried "I have not yet begun to fight!";
  •      Andrew Jackson's stand against control of the Government by moneyed interests;
  •      Abraham Lincoln deciding that slavery must go.

James Daugherty's dramatic drawings make the stories even more vivid.

—from the dust jacket

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