Growing Up in 13th Century England

Growing Up in 13th Century England

by Alfred Duggan, C. Walter Hodges (Illustrator)
Publisher: Faber & Faber
©1962, Item: 91595
213 pages
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Taking the 1270s as typical of the century, the author gives a realistic and detailed description of the everyday life of children in five English families of different social classes: that of an earl, knight, a peasant, a London merchant, and a craftsman in an East Anglian town. There are three children in each family, two boys of fourteen and ten and a girl of twelve. In this lively and entertaining book, the author tells us about their schooling, their daily training for adult life, the different prospects for the elder and younger sons, and what kind of marriage the girls may expect.

Alfred Duggan's books are particularly distinguished for their accuracy and clarity of style. Growing up in 13th Century England is an outstanding example of these qualities which have made the author so popular with readers of all ages.

12 and up

From the dust jacket of the American Edition

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