Shield Ring

Shield Ring

by Rosemary Sutcliff, C. Walter Hodges (Illustrator)
©1957, Item: 88217
Hardcover, 251 pages
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"That is our Shield Ring, our last stronghold," he said, "not the barrier fells and the tottermoss between but something in the hearts of men."

By the end of the eleventh century, the Norman kings had firmly established their control of all England—all, that is, except the Lake Land where the Northmen had defended for thirty years their secret fortress in the wild and mountainous land. It was to this stronghold of Viking resistance that the Saxon child Frytha was taken when the Normans burned her home. Here she grew up in close companionship with Bjorn, an orphaned Viking boy, and together they helped set the stage for the final battle between Norman and Viking.

"This is a saga of courage; the courage of the three great chieftains. . . the courage of the boy Bjorn haunted by the fear that he might betray the secrets of the dale were he captured and tortured by the Normans. . .and the courage of his friend, the indomitable Frytha." —New York Herald Tribune

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