Marsh King

Marsh King

by C. Walter Hodges
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It had been a dark winter for King Alfred of Wessex.  The Danes had invaded England , their sharp-prowed ships landing on beaches up and down the coast.  His kingdom had been overrun and now he controlled only the great marshes to which he had retreated.

Guthorm, leader of the Danes, had a special grudge against Alfred.  Once Alfred had defeated him, but instead of killing Guthorm and his men, he had sent them away free.  But Guthorm despised Alfred's generosity, believing it was really nothing but a sign of weakness.  He vowed to return to Wessex and take his revenge.  He would crush Alfred forever.

This is the story of that campaign—of treachery and waiting death, of loyalty and courage.  C. Walter Hodges has recreated the black, violent life of ninth-century Britain in a story that has the drama and excitement of the old Anglo-Saxon sagas.

But this is more than simply an adventure story, it is a story of bitter conflict between two opposing ways of living—the grim, battle-proud way of the Danes, which led through blood and death to Valhalla, the home of the gods, and the way of peace, learning and civilization that King Alfred was fighting to establish.

—from the dust jacket

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