Shakespeare and the Players

Shakespeare and the Players

by C. Walter Hodges
Publisher: Coward McCann
©1963, Item: 36562
Hardcover, 101 pages
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There have been many books on Shakespeare but this new addition approaches him from an entirely fresh angle and makes an almost mythical figure become a boy again and a man in a splendid world. When Shakespeare was a boy there was no such thing in all England as a theatre, and plays were performed in market places or open inn yards. Companies of professional actors toured the country, and it is with a visit of one of these companies to Stratford that Mr. Hodges begins to picture, in story and drawing, the career of Shakespeare.

"A Day at the Playhouse," a particularly rewarding chapter, shows the scenes of a performance of Richard III as the great Master James Burbage put them on at the Globe. The famous names of Thomas Kyd, George Peele, Edward Alleyn, Robert Greene, Marlowe, and Jonson take on real life as Shakespeare's brilliant contemporaries. A foreword by Professor Allardyce Nicoll commends in particular Mr. Hod's reconstruction of the Globe theatre, another feature of this attractive, original book.

C. Walter Hodges was born in Beckenham, England, and educated at Dulwich College and Goldsmith's College School of Art. Before he made his often revoked decision to "continue to the end of his life in the peaceful occupation of an illustrator," Mr. Hodges designed scenery and costumes for the London stage.

He was introduced to this country as a writer as well as an illustrator with the "noble and moving book" (Horn Book) Columbus Sails, the story of a tenacious Admiral and a frightened crew. This book, written only in answer to this publisher's overwhelming persuasion, proved to its readers and its critics that Mr. Hodges was what he was sure he wasn't. After that it was easier. During the war he wrote and illustrated Sky High, The Story of a House that Flew, primarily for a young son, but it was as eagerly devoured by Captain Hodges's staff officers.

Shakespeare and the Players makes the third complete Hodges book, and is acclaimed for the same qualities of vividness and distinction that make Columbus Sails a continued favorite.

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