Eagle of the Ninth

Eagle of the Ninth

by Rosemary Sutcliff, C. Walter Hodges (Illustrator)
Publisher: Oxford University
©1954, Item: 88153
Hardcover, 255 pages
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The beginning of a trilogy that includes Silver Branch and Lantern Bearers.

'The unlucky Ninth' men called the lost Ninth Legion, which once marched north beyond Agricola's wall into the mists of Caledonia—and was never seen again. When Marcus Flavious Aquila, whose father had commanded the first Cohort of the legion, came to Britain and was invalided out of the Army after receiving wounds in a tribal rising, he embarked upon a quest so hazardous that no one thought to see him return. He set out into the unknown territory of Ultima Thule, determined to find and restore to Rome the lost eagle standard of the unlucky Ninth, symbol of the legion's honor.

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