Year of Columbus: 1492

Year of Columbus: 1492

by Genevieve Foster
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Hardcover, 64 pages
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Following an approach she used in The World of Columbus and Sons written for older boys and girls, Genevieve Foster again succeeds in bringing out the interaction of events and people in 1492, when America was discovered. This time she writes and illustrates for the younger reader.

Many will be surprised to learn that when Columbus began his venture across the Atlantic, Copernicus was at work in Italy on his theory that the earth revolves around the sun; Leonardo da Vinci, born only a year after Columbus, was painting his famous Last Supper; and in South America in 1492, the empire of the Incas was "probably the most highly organized and perfectly managed nation in the world."

Carefully researched maps and charts by the author help to clarify the events she writes of, and with her lively, two-color illustrations add to the the value and usefulness of this highly readable history. 

—From the dust jacket

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