Year of Lincoln, 1861

Year of Lincoln, 1861

by Genevieve Foster
©1970, Item: 82805
Hardcover, 64 pages
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This fourth book in a series of profiles of important years in American history follows both the stylistic pattern and high quality established by its predecessors. In a study of amazing breadth, Mrs. Foster draws a vividly detailed picture of the year both at home and abroad. The national scene is depicted in light of the larger context of the world community rather than as an isolated set of events. Spanning four countries, the U.S.A., England, China, and Japan, and highlighting almost twice as many leading figures of the age, including Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Mark Twain, the book offers a survey of unusually wide scope, accompanied by fine detail. Rendered in a lucid, free-flowing style, the book is ideal for young readers and informative for their parents as well.

—From the dust jacket

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