Birthdays of Freedom Book Two

Birthdays of Freedom Book Two

From the Fall of Rome to July 4, 1776

by Genevieve Foster
©1952, Item: 82797
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In book I of Birthdays of Freedom, Mrs. Foster began with the Declaration of Independence and went back to show how ideas of law and democracy grew in Greece and Rome. The book ended with the Fall of Rome.

Now, so that each of the books may stand as an independent unit, she again begins with the Declaration of Independence, going back to show the great events in history that followed the Fall of Rome. Here we see Europe overrun by the barbarians, the growth of law and order that followed, the Magna Charta, the Renaissance, and other great "birthdays of freedom" up to 1776.

As before, her charts, maps and decorative pictures make periods of history come alive.

—From the dust jacket

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