Mariner of the North

Mariner of the North

The Life of Captain Bob Bartlett

by George Palmer Putnam
©1947, Item: 89960
Hardcover, 246 pages
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A truly great mariner of the northern seas, both on ice and on shipboard, Cap'n Bob Bartlett was one of the heroic figures in the annals of modern exploration. He was with Peary on the expedition that won the North Pole; he survived shipwreck, freezing, and near-starvation, and remained to the last a stalwart son of the northland with a lasting love for the little schooner Morrissey, which was his companion on twenty rugged voyages. Cap'n Bob's temper was unpredictable and his energy was like a northern gale, yet he was a wonderfully friendly person, as much at home in New York or London as in his native Newfoundland.

Here are accounts of the Peary expeditions and the attainment of the Pole, of epic treks across the ice, and of shipwreck the loss of the Karluk on Stefansson's Alaskan Expedition of 1914. Here are stories of the Greenland Eskimos and of the Aleutian peoples, of fishing, sealing, hunting polar bears, walrus, and musk-ox.

Here, too, is polar history, from the first voyages of the early explorers seeking a Northwest passage, down to the Arctic flights of Andree, Amundsen, and Byrd. MARINER OF THE NORTH is a story of bold adventure and a brave man of the sea whose life added immeasurable luster to this country's brilliant record of Arctic achievement.

George Palmer Putnam, writer and explorer in his own right, is admirably qualified to write a biography of Captain Bob Bartlett. A member of the Natural History Museum's Greenland Expedition of 1926 and the leader of the Putnam Baffin Island Expedition in 1927, he knew Cap'n Bob for years and sailed with him on the Arctic Seas about which he writes.

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